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Decorative PVD Coatings

When we first started to research coating methods on stainless steel in 2012, we decided on a method called PVD (physical vapour deposition).   Our criteria included the ability to coat in various colors, a method that was environmentally friendly, coatings that were long lasting & dishwasher safe and coatings that were thin enough that you could see the stainless steel finish underneath.  

pvd-coatings-decorative Since 2012, we have perfected our PVD process on bowls, trays, baskets and flatware.  We currently can produce the following finishes: Copper, Rose Gold, Black and Gold.  

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Woodworking w/ Canadian Maple


Over the past year we have been developing in-house processes to add Maple wood components to our products.  We were recently tasked to develop a flight tray for a beverage company.  Our laser technology allowed us to burn their logo into the tray as well as etch their logo into the steel component.  We are excited to introduce our new lines of stainless steel tableware with Maple components in 2019!


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