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Decorative PVD Coatings

When we first started to research coating methods on stainless steel in 2012, we decided on a method called PVD (physical vapour deposition).   Our criteria included the ability to coat in various colors, a method that was environmentally friendly, coatings that were long lasting & dishwasher safe and coatings that were thin enough that you could see the stainless steel finish underneath.  

pvd-coatings-decorative Since 2012, we have perfected our PVD process on bowls, trays, baskets and flatware.  We currently can produce the following finishes: Copper, Rose Gold, Black and Gold.  

If you are looking for a reasonably priced decorative PVD coater for your products, we would be happy to quote you on your custom job.  For more information about the PVD process, please visit us here.

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