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Today we are writing our first blog entry :)  Through a series of posts, we are hoping that you will gain a better understanding of the 'SteelForme philosophy'. We also hope to engage in conversation with our audience to help determine the direction of our new company.
Our manufacturing philosophy is something we like to call "insourcing".  Insourcing is basically the opposite of outsourcing.  Rather than outsourcing packaging, polishing, bending and various production tasks, we try to keep things in house under one roof.  This provides us with the flexibility to adjust processes, designs etc. very quickly.  Our products are not 'mass produced' but instead produced in small batches of a few pieces at a time. 
The insourcing philosophy leads our team to first think "can we do this in house?"  If yes, what equipment, software and skills do we need to do this in house.  If no, what are our alternatives?  It's a very different way of thinking and I assure you that it is much more enjoyable than outsourcing all production tasks!
Perhaps you are wondering how we remain competitive producing in a country where the minimum wage is many times that of the Far East?  The simple answer is technology!  Using CAD software, laser technology and our creativity, many products that are currently outsourced can be made right here!  We believe that the recent advancement in 3D printing technology will change the way we buy products going forward!
Craig Bahl, Founder & Creative Director
SteelForme Design Inc.
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