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In addition to our laser cutting capabilities, SteelForme offers PVD coatings on stainless steel.  PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a process where we vaporize titanium and mix it with gases in a vacuum chamber to create a Gold, Rose Gold, Copper or Black coating.  

Our PVD coatings are done in house in Toronto, Canada.  Contact us for more information on having your products coated.




What is PVD?

PVD, or physical vapour deposition, is a technique that is used to deposit very durable thin films of metal and ceramic onto an object’s surface.  Metal such as titanium is vaporized inside of a vacuum chamber and mixed with reactive gases to produce a plasma that adheres to any objects placed inside the chamber.  The result is a very dense coating which has very strong adhesion to the substrate.

Why use PVD coatings?

PVD coatings are the most durable coatings available on the market today and offer a variety of sharp colours to enhance the look of decorative items.  PVD coatings are several times harder than steel and have much better adhesion properties than other alternatives such as paint or electroplated metals.  The PVD process is also much more environmentally friendly than other coating methods.

What colours can I PVD coat?

We currently offer several titanium-based ceramic PVD coatings in gold, rose gold, copper, and black.

What materials/surfaces can I PVD coat?

PVD coatings adhere best to steel and chrome plated items.  Since the coating is under 1 micron in thickness, the finish texture of the original item (i.e. mirror, brushed, etc.) will still be visible through the coating.

What is the maximum size of the items can I PVD coat?

The maximum dimensions of any item being coated using our PVD system is 15”x10”x36”.  All items need to include holes or gaps where steel wire can pass through for mounting inside of the chamber.  Smaller objects that do include mounting holes will need to be mounted using custom holders that can be designed and laser-cut in house.

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