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In addition to our laser cutting capabilities, SteelForme offers decorative PVD coatings on stainless steel items at a competitive price. Our coatings are all done in-house at our location in Toronto, Canada, and extensive scientific research and testing has gone into optimizing our coatings to ensure that we are providing the highest quality product. Please contact us if you are interested in having your products PVD coated.

What Is PVD?

Physical vapour deposition (PVD) is a technique that is used to deposit very durable thin films onto an object’s surface. Metal such as titanium is vaporized inside of a vacuum chamber and mixed with reactive gases to produce an energetic plasma that adheres to any objects placed inside of the chamber. The result is a very dense coating which has very strong adhesion to the substrate. SteelForme utilizes the cathodic arc PVD method (as shown in the diagrams below) as well as the magnetron sputtering PVD method.

Why Use PVD?

PVD coatings are the most durable coatings available on the market today and offer a variety of sharp colours to enhance the look of decorative items. PVD coatings are several times harder than steel and have much better adhesion properties than other alternatives such as paint or electroplated metals. PVD coatings will not fade over time and offer a very clean aesthetic that showcases the finish of the underlying substrate. The PVD process is also much more environmentally friendly than other coating methods and produces very little waste.

What Can Be Coated Using PVD?

Our PVD processes have been designed to exclusively work with steels, including stainless steel. SteelForme does not currently offer PVD coating services for other materials. Since our PVD processes utilize very high temperatures and voltages, non-metal parts will be damaged in the process and need to be removed from any items before being coated.

What Colours/Finishes Are Available?

SteelForme currently offers decorative titanium-based ceramic PVD coatings in gold, rose gold, copper, and black. Since these coatings are under 1 micron in thickness, the finish texture of the original item (i.e. mirrored, brushed, etc.) will be preserved through the coating.

Are There Any Size Restrictions for Items Being PVD Coated?

Please refer to the diagram below for information on the size restrictions of items being PVD coated. To ensure full coverage of the coating on the item, it is helpful to include gaps or recesses on the item where steel wire can pass through so that it can be mounted inside of the PVD chamber.

What Is the Price of PVD Coating?

Our minimum order quantity is one PVD cycle. Please refer to the ‘PVD Chamber Specifications’ diagram above for the maximum load capacity of one cycle. Orders that under-utilize the full load capacity of the chamber will be charged for one cycle.

The price per cycle is based on the PVD colour as well as item size and quantity as this influences the amount of prep work (cleaning, mounting, and packing) required for each cycle. For example, a full cycle of small intricate parts will take longer to prepare than a cycle of large flat items. Since the PVD chamber can accommodate larger quantities of smaller items, the cost per unit will be lower for smaller items. Please refer to the price table and “PVD Pricing Examples” diagram below for price estimates.

PVD Color

Base Cost per Cycle

Prep Cost per Cycle

Gold/Rose Gold

$500 CDN

$0.50 CDN per Item


$600 CDN

$0.50 CDN per Item

Our turnaround time is 2-4 weeks for orders requiring less than 10 PVD cycles. We can provide estimates for larger orders or rush orders if needed. Sample coatings can also be provided upon request.

Please contact us today to have your products PVD coated!


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